• Jinbei LED Light EFII-60 LED LIGHT 60W

    – JINBEI EFii-60 LED Sun light is the ideal design for photo and videography.

    -LED lamp with high color rendering as a light-emitting

    – components, to meet the needs for professional photography and video.

    – AC/DC Dual Use/COB Tech,Anti-collision Design – 60W LED,11000Lux – Constant Color Temperature 5500K

  • GVM LS-P80S LED Light

    • Excellent Output:
    • Focusable Lighting Range
    • Fresnel Lens & Bowens Mount
    • Brightness Dimmable
    • Intelligent Cooling System
  • VILTROX RGB LED Weeylife RB08P


    • Built-in 3000 mAh lithium battery, USB charging is available anytime, anywhere,fill light,full only takes3 hours,100% brightness can last for 140 minutes.
    • 0-360 full color& color saturation adjustment
    • 9 common scenario simulations (2 kinds of lightning,Screen simulation,RGB,Candlelight simulation,police car,Ambulance,Fire truck.)


  • Viltrox LED Light RB08 Bi-Color


    • LIGHT DISTRIBUTION IN SMALL SPACE Shooting in a small space, anytime, anywhere,Constant Power 8w Charging 3h
    • Manufactured for photography creativity Strong battery life Two-color adjustment Mini portable
    • Built-in LCD display: LCD panel shows a clear battery power, brightness and color temperature readings, let you operate easily and work more effective


  • MAMEN LED-72R RGB Lighting

    • Brand Name: MAMEN
    • Package: Yes
    • Color Temperature: 3300-5600 K
    • Color: Black
    • Model: MAMEN led Video Light On Camera DSLR Phone
    • Display index: RA>95
    • Battery capacity: 3000mAH
  • GODOX AD200 Pro

    • Lightweight and portable. The greatest power in the most compact form
    • Produces up to 200ws, as much as 3 times more potent than speedlites in the same footprint
    • 3 Studio quality interchangeable modular flash heads Fresnel, Bare Tube, Round Diffusion Head
    • Built-in 2.4GHz wireless radio TTL system with 330 foot range
    • Fully supports Canon ETTL II, Nikon iTTL, Sony TTL, Fujifilm, Pentax, Panasonic and Olympus TTL
    • IGBT firing allows for shorter flash durations, 1/8000s High-Speed Sync flash, and TTL
    • Rechargeable and Interchangeable 2900mAh Lithium Battery
    • Over 500 Full Power Flashes
    • Expanded Manual 9 stop range of power adjusts from full to 1/256 in 1/10th stop increments
    • FEC/FEB in 1/3rd stop increments over 6 stop range
    • LED Modeling with Fresnel and Optional Round Head
    • 5 Groups
    • 32 Channels
    • Stable Color Mode assures 5600°±100°K color temperature at over the entire power range
    • Super clear high-contrast info center
    • Improved no-twist tilt head 2 way stand mount

    GODOX AD200 Pro

  • Triger PT-04 merk W&S

    • Model Trigger Set 2in1 2 receiver + 1transmitter
    • Ukuran (L x W x H) 16 x 10 x 5 cm
    • Garansi produk Non Garansi
    • Berat 0.2 kg

    Triger PT-04 merk W&S

  • Ringlight XLite X-120

    Fitur utama: • Bentuk bintang membuat pancaran cahaya lebih merata dan melebar • Memberikan efek matahari/bintang di mata • Dapat di lipat menjadi compact dan dimasukan kedalam tas • Dikendalikan oleh chip mikrokomputer • Terdiri dari 6 tabung aluminium dengan masing-masing 20Watt • Warna Cahaya 3200K – 5600K stepless • Suhu warna stabil, CRI tinggi (97) dan masa pakai panjang • Memiliki fungsi DMX512 umum internasional • Cahaya dapat disesuaikan secara stepless mulai 0 – 6

  • RingLight AFI 19 inch

    Brand Name:
    Model Number:
    2.39 kg
    Color Temperature:
    19 inch
    Light Source:
    Luminous Flux:
    LED Bulbs:
  • GVM 5S LED

    * Fashionable, Lightweight and Portable Design
    * 4 Hours Run-Time on Full Charge
    * Bi Color 3200K~5600K Color Temperature
    * 96 SMD Lamp Beads for optimum illumination and diffuser
    * Built-in Battery & Charger included
    * With Magnet Filters
    * Fit a hot shoe, which can be adjusted 180 degrees


    GVM 5S LED

  • GVM 520 LED

    Bi-Color temperature dimmable from 3200K to 5600K, and the brightness from 0% to 100%. Equipped with high quality EVA protection case,convenient for outdoor and video shooting.

    • Ultra Heat Dissipation
    • Aviation Aluminum Alloy Housing
    • High Color Rendering Index
    • LCD digital display
    • PWM Dimming Technology
    • Adjustment Color
    • Temperature Adjustment
    • Dual Power System
    Promo s.d 30 Juni 2020 (Free : Lighstand)

    GVM 520 LED

    Promo s.d 30 Juni 2020 (Free : Lighstand)
  • Ringlight XLite 6 mini

    Input power:AC85-230V 50Hz/60Hz

    Output Power:6*10W 60W

    Color Temperature: 3200-5600k

    Dimming range: 10%-100%

    led quantity:288 pcs

    Dimmable: YES


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