• Yongnuo YN300 Air II LED RGB

    • Dual Lighting Modes: The LED video light supports gorgeous RGB full-color mode and natural fill light 3200K-5600K color temperature mode. You can get rich fill light color through the touch panel of the remote control in RGB mode.
    • 10 Special Lighting Effects: The LED video light is designed with 10 kinds of special lighting effects, such as sunrise, police car light, ambulance light and so on, which are more close to users’ needs of photography creation.
    • High Color Rendering Index: 108 selected high quality patch LEDs, which are using the wide angle luminous chip; Color rendering index is greater than or equal to 95, perfectly restoring the true color of the object.
    • Equipped with Exclusive Hot Shoe: With hot shoe mount, the LED video light can be fixed and used on the camera, tripod and other equipment, more practical and convenient.
  • Yongnuo YN1200L


    • YN1200 adopts ultrathin appearance design. Duple encoder, more convenient to adjust light intensity; soft light panel of this YN1200 adopts magnetic drawing, more efficient; dual LED display creen, more intuitional to check the output; one-button switch, meets different needs.
    • 3200K color temperature mode and 5500K color temperature mode adopts individual modular circuit separately. The light output is more stable and the efficiency is higher. 3300K~5500K can be lighted up at the same time, or separately cotrolled.
    • YN1200 adoptes 1200pcs of SMD LEDs; its RA average value is greater than 95, which makes it close to natural light. With ultra-large-area panel, the supplementary lighting effect is finer and the supplementary lighting area is greater. YN1200 can meets the higher demand from the users.
    • YN1200 is designed with panel of ultra-large area. With panel of concentratedly arranged LEDs, SMD LED of high-intensity and ultra-wide angle, YN1200 is more suitable for supplementary lighting in the big occasion.
    • YN1200 adopts double mains input , which supports batteries of NP-F series and external DC main of 19V and 5A.



    Yongnuo YN1200L

  • Yongnuo YN900L

    • YN900 is equipped with multi channel wireless remote controller which is used to adjust the luminous intensity and control the switch of YN900.
    • A mobile APP is provided on our official website, with this mobile APP, you can control this LED video light with your mobile phone.
    • YN900 adopts YONGNUO proprietary LED driving technology which does great help to effectively avoid corrugation and stroboscopic flash.
    • YN900 adopts encoder digital dimming system, including coarse tuning mode and fine tuning mode.
    • Shooting for long time is possible because YN900 supports external DC power input (power adapter is optional).

    Yongnuo YN900L

  • YONGNUO AC Adapter Power Switching Charger DC for Yongnuo LED Light YN1200


    • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, 1.8A
    • Output Voltage: DC 19V, 5A
    • Material Plastic Housing


  • YONGNUO AC Adapter Power Switching Charger DC for Yongnuo LED Light YN900

    • AC Input voltage range: 100-240V.
    • AC Input current: 2.0A (Max).
    • Input frequency range: 50/60Hz.
    • Output voltage: 19V.
    • Output current: 5000mA.
  • YONGNUO AC Adapter Power Switching Charger DC for Yongnuo LED Light YN600/YN300


    • 60 watts AC power switching adapter
    • AC Inputs: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    • DC Outputs: 12V-5000mA
    • AC adapter Cable Length: 3M
    • Suitable for: YN600L series, YN300III, YN168, YN216, YN1410, YN300 Air, YN360, YN608, YN600 RGB, YN308, YN600 Air LED Video Light


  • Yongnuo YN320

    • Variable 3200-5500K Color Temperature
    • 320-LED 2480-Lumen Light Source, 95+ CRI
    • Coarse & Fine Dimming Modes
    • Screen Display for Easy Monitoring
    • Downloadable Bluetooth-Based RC App
    • 8-Channel Remote Control Included
    • Runs on L-Series NP-F750 Lithium Battery
    • 120 Minutes Runtime at Full Output
    • Supports 12 VDC 2A Power Supply
    • Integrated U-Type Bracket

    Yongnuo YN320

  • Yongnuo YN600L

    • Variable 3200-5500K Color Temperature
    • 300 Daylight and 300 Tungsten LEDs
    • 4-Way Barndoors, 55-Degree Beam Spread
    • Rough & Fine Dimming Modes
    • 3-Channel IR Remote Control Included
    • Accepts Sony L-Series Batteries
    • 2 x CT Filters Included
    • Fan Cooled
    • 36W Power Draw

    Yongnuo YN600L

  • Yongnuo YN300

    • 5500K Color Temperature
    • Coarse & Fine Dimming Modes
    • Auto-Dimming Mode
    • Accepts Sony NP-F Series Batteries
    • RC for Light & Select DSLRs
    • Hot-Shoe, Mini Flat-Plate & Handle
    • Four Filter Panels Included
    • Storable Settings

    Yongnuo YN300

  • Yongnuo YN300 Air

    • Bi-Color 96-LED Light
    • Dimmable 3200 to 5500K Output
    • Adjust Brightness Without Changing Color
    • Slim, Lightweight Design
    • Power with Sony NP-F Series Batteries (not included)
  • Yongnuo YN300 II

    • Variable 3200-5500K Color Temperature
    • Rough & Fine Dimming Modes
    • 8-Channel IR Remote Control Included
    • Requires L-Series Battery / Power Supply
    • Hot Shoe, Mini Flat-Plate & Handle
    • Uses NP-F Series Battery (Not Included)
    • Four Filters

    Yongnuo YN300 II

  • Yongnuo YN300 III

    • 5500K Color Temperature
    • Rough & Fine Dimming Modes
    • 8-Channel IR Remote Control Included
    • Downloadable Mobile Phone RC App
    • 18W Power Draw
    • Hot Shoe, Mini Flat-Plate & Handle
    • Accepts Sony NP-F Series Batteries
    • Barndoors with Intensifiers
    • Two Filters Included

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