• FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket 2

    • 【Widely applicable】 Feiyutech Vlog pocket2 weighs only 272g, the width of the mobile phone ranges from 41mm to 89mm, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 250g. When used in landscape mode, it is compatible for all iPhone series/Huawei P30 pro, Xiaomi 9, Vivo NEX, OPPO find X, Samsung Note9 and other Android smart phones under 7 inches or other smart phones. When used in portrait mode, it is compatible for all iPhone series and Android series phones under 6.6 inches or other smart phones.
    • 【Foldable & Long Battery Life】The new Feiyutech Vlog pocket2 continues to adopt a foldable design. After being folded, it is only the size of a palm, only 272g, which can be easily put into a pocket or a backpack. The maximum battery life is up to 9 hours, and the fastest is 1.5 hours to fully charge. It can meet the needs of daily shooting or work, and is a must-have item for traveling.
    • 【Control Native Cameras & gesture control take pictures】You can take pictures immediately without opening the APP. The latest Vlog pocket2 can directly control the native camera and some mainstream apps, so there is no need to open the gimbal app to shoot. Add the gesture control shooting function, you can easily take a selfie or take a group photo.
    • 【Slanted arm design & APP play】 The inclined arm design will not block the wide-angle of the mobile phone, and the field of vision will be more free. The new APP interface design, automatic connection, trajectory delay, overlapping images, light track shooting and more functions are all in the APP. There are more object tracking mode and rotation mode waiting for you to discover.
    • 【Overload protection & packaging accessories】 Vlog pocket2 comes with hints such as overload, overheat protection and unlocking, providing a more user-friendly experience. Standard mini tripod and storage bag, and usb charging cable.
    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021

    FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket 2

    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021
  • Zhiyun Servo TransMount Zoom/Focus Controller

    • serve follow focus(Max), Weebill-S / Weebill-Lab can achieve the function of focus/zoom control, Crane 3 can achieve the function of Zoom control. ZHIYUN Crane 3 can use two serve follow focus (Max and Lite) at the same time to achieve the focus/zoom control, but Weebill Lab/S can only use one serve follow focus for it has only one Type-C Port.
    • Type-C interface for higher transmission rate to enable zero-latency follow focus.
    • Compatible with almost all cameras and lenses on the market; Featuring enhanced motor power with high precision focusing and zooming.
    • With enhanced motor power, Max supports high precision focusing and zooming on both WEEBILL LAB/S and CRANE 3 LAB, aiming to tap the creative potential of users to the utmost.
    • Focus or zoom control via buttons on gimbal handwheel or smartphone app, fully release the potential of users.
  • Moza Mini MX 3 Axis Gimbal for Smartphone

    • MOZA Mini MX with “Deep Red” anti-shake algorithm, delivers super-smooth professionally stabilized cinematic footage. Whether walking or running, MOZA Mini MX can handle your style of filmmaking. With a maximum payload capacity of 280g/9.9oz, the MOZA Mini MX makes it easy to film even with a large-screen smartphone
    • Unlike traditional gimbals and require compaticated manual balancing steps,set up for the MOZA MINI MX gimbal is quick and easy,Start filming in seconds just connect over bluetooth and select a filming mode.the MOZA MINI MX giumbal also offers access to basic camera controls,making creative control more confortable.
    • Triple press the power button to easily switch between portrait and lasnscape filmimg to quickly to various shooting scenes,so that you will never the action
    • MOZA’s integrated button panel was designed with the user in mind.Its simplistic layout allows you to control the camera easily and intuiyively with one-handed opertaion.
    • MOZA Genie offers a wide variety of built-in creative shooting templates to make your next movie creation easy and fun. Simply select a style and follow the on-screen tips to create your next masterpiece
    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021

    Moza Mini MX 3 Axis Gimbal for Smartphone

    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021
  • FeiyuTech Vimble One Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone

    • Proudly present the updated Vimble One gimbal stabilizer. Bulit-in attitude sensor, elimi-nate the hand shaking effect for smooth videos.
    • Fashional and simple design, you can put Vimble One stabilizer in the pocket anytime when it’s folded. Built-in extension pole gives more freedom when taking selfies and taking group photos.
    • Without connecting to any app, the Vimble One gimbal stabilizer can directly control the photography and recording functions of the smartphones built-in camera through the handle.
    • No need for A separate selfie Stick and mobile phone tripod stand, one click quickly to Horizontal/ Vertical Shooting, easily control various shooting scenes, this tool features the zoom/focus control, all following/all lock/pan following/pan & tilt following modes, Gesture Control, Hitchcock dolly zoom, Slow Motion, Timelapse, etc.
    • Width range for smartphone is from 41mm to 89mm, the max size for phone is up to 6.6 inch, the max payload is 250g. It is compatible with all iPhone series, HUAWEI P30 pro, Xiaomi9, VIVO NEX , VIVO X30 Pro, VIVO Qoo Neo, OPPO find X, Samsung note8, Samsung Note9, etc.(under 6.6 inch.) Large-size phone as HONOR NOTE10, can be used normally in landscape mode. Continuously update. (Note: Need to use third-party mounting plate for mounting action camera.)
    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021

    FeiyuTech Vimble One Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone

    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021
  • Feiyu Pocket

    • 【LIGHT & POWERFUL】Feiyu Pocket is made of aluminum alloy,net weight only 115g.Its breakthrough structure and volume design make it exquisite and compact.
    • 【POWERFUL SENSOR】Thanks to an 8.51-megapixel and 1/2.5-inch Sony Sensor,Feiyu Pocket can shoot 4K/60FPS video at 120MBPS.Also the area of a single pixel is increased to 1.62μm,provides a high-quality picture with low noise.
    • 【BUILT-IN STABILIZER】New 6-axis hybrid anti-shake technology,with a miniature high-torsion brushless motor,Feiyu Pocket can correct and compensate the camera in real time with high accuracy,to achieve better image stabilization,making every shooting become a classic.
    • 【Feiyu Cam】The APP is connected with Feiyu Pocket and smartphone via WIFI,which can transmit the video images of the Feiyu Pocket gimbal in real time to monitor the Screen.The APP also can control the pocket
    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021

    Feiyu Pocket

    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021
  • Zhiyun Smooth X

    • 【Telescopic Grip】The built-in Extend grip makes your “arm” longer up to 260mm! Plus, a unique, rotatable motor axis that can fold and hold its position at multiple angles
    • 【Intelligence Object Tracking】always at the center of attention, wherever you go, smooth-x follows.
    • 【Gestures Control】Now taking a photo or recording a video is as easy as showing a V gesture or waving to the camera with your palm
    • 【Convenient Transition】No matter you’re a TikTok, Instagram talent or a Streamer,” SMOOTH-X Quick switch from landscape mode to portrait mode

    Zhiyun Smooth X

  • FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket (Black)

    • Top quality & Oversized load: Vlog Pocket is made from high performance materials, to achieve the simplest styling design and remote control system, stylish and practical, only 9.6oz, the lightest mobile phone stabilizer, a new generation of super motors, the largest load-bearing 8.5oz, compatible with all major mobile phone brands on the market, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and so on.
    • Portable & Easy to use: This smartphone gimbal stabilizer with the most unique design, the latest 2019 innovative Eagle wing design, small and portable, can be easily folding and put into the pocket, can be filmed at any time, making Vlog blockbusters more convenient. Eliminate the adjustment steps of the ordinary stabilizer when using, boot without waiting, at any time to capture the wonderful moment.
    • Durable & Verastility: This Vlogpocket lasts up to 14 hours, stable and reliable, fully meets Vlogger’s daily shooting needs, and has a variety of function, time-lapse photography, ultra-wide-angle lenses that allow you to focus on releasing creative inspiration and opening up a wonderful visual experience.
    • Ultimate experience & AI system: Just one-click Switch, perform horizontal and vertical transformation, Vlog Pocket can directly control the native camera, not need to connect to the APP, to achieve IOS & Android without difference in quality experience. No latency tracking, smart AI follow, powerful shooting capabilities, no latency, smarter.
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee: The perfect gift for photography enthusiasts, If you have any problems with Vlog Pocket and are not satisfied, please contact us by email and we will provide you with quality assurance. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and experience the difference that real quality makes!
    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021

    FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket (Black)

    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021
  • Zhiyun Cinepeer C11 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

    • Weighing only 440g/0.97lbs, Zhiyun C11 smartphone gimbal is 107g/0.23lbs lighter than smooth4. It deploys 3-axis stabilizing system, effectively eliminating image dithering and blurring caused by movement. It is made of high molecular compound material, combined with ergonomic design for comfortable grip.
    • Tailored for storytellers and vloggers, the C11 offers intuitive switch between the lanscape and portrait mode to capture the movements in different angles. Inbuilt cinematic features dolly zoom, object tracking, panorama, timelapse, motionlapse and hyperlapse help you present your filming as a professional movie.
    • C11 gimbal stabilizer provides four operation modes: Pan Following Mode, Locking Mode, Full Follow Mode and POV Mode. You can easily produce unique and creative works by choosing the right mode with the mode switch button.
    • The control panel on C11 includes a zoom slider and a 4-way joystick. Through wireless connection between camera device and the “ZY Play” APP, the C11 allows seamlessly zoom in/ out, focus, pan and tilt, offering intuitive operation for users.
    • Designed with a standard USB port, the C11 can charge your smartphone with your own charging cable. Compactly constructed with micro built-in 4000mAh battery, C11 gimbal stabilizer supports up to 12-hour runtime. Charging only 2.5h can keep the gimbal working all day long.
  • Feiyu AK2000S

    • Payload maksimal 2.2 kg
    • 360 Pan, Tilt & Roll Motion
    • LCD smart touch
    • Baterai tahan sampai 7 jam

    Garansi 1 Tahun Denka Pratama

    Garansi Resmi Denka Pratama
    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021

    Feiyu AK2000S

    Garansi Resmi Denka Pratama
    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021
  • Feiyu AK4000 + Follow Focus

    • Max Payload: 8.8 lb/4.0KG;
    • Compatibility: Canon/Sony/Panasonic/Nikon series cameras;
    • Battery: 18650 rechargeable battery *4, 2200mAh,3.7V;
    • Operating Time:12 Hours(Under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced);
    • Charging: ≥5 hours by FeiyuTech charger and the adapter 5V/3A (quick charger is banned);
    • Specs of Quick Release Plate:Compatible with Manfrotto PL501 quick release plate. Quick release plate could be taken out of with camera from gimbal and be mounted on Fluid Head for photography.
    • Gimbal Net Weight:1436g/3.17lb(Not included battery).
  • Feiyu G6 Max 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer 3-in-1

    • 2.6 lb Payload; Compact at Only 1.5 lb
    • Smartphone/Action Cam Adapters Included
    • Direct/Wi-Fi Control of Select Cameras
    • Inception Mode; Portrait Mode
    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021

    Feiyu G6 Max 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer 3-in-1

    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021
  • Zhiyun Transmount Image Transmission Receiver

    • Pairs with Transmount Transmitter & Reciever
    • Supports up to 1080p30 HDMI Output
    • Receive from up to 328′ Line of Sight
    • Wi-Fi Communication, 60 ms Low Latency

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