• Maono AU-A03 Condenser Microphone Kit

    • Cardioid Pick-up Pattern: A cardioid pattern for less background noise. Please face to the side with Maono logo for a better use
    • Compatiable to Windows and Mac. For laptop and PC, you may need a Y adaptor(Included in package) if the device is only with 1 audio jack. If there are 2 audio jack, please use jack for mic
    • Sturdy boom arm set: With a pop filter and a foam windscreen, the condenser mic records your voice and the sound crystal clear, the shock mount holds the microphone steady with damping function
    • Plug and recording: This is an updated version which improves the mic power supply, connect the 3.5mm jack of your computer to the microphone with the included cable, you can start recording, but if you want better recording effect, you might need an extra phantom power (not included) some pc models
    • Packing list: Condenser mic, adjustable scissor arm mic arm, metal shock mount, pop filter, foam mic windscreen, table mounting clamp, XLR to 3.5mm cable and Y adapte
  • MAONO AU-PM360TR Condenser XLR Microphone

    Package includes:
    1 x Mic Maono AU-PM360TR:
    1X condenser microphone, 1X tripod, 1X windshield cover, 1X XLR cable, and 1X instruction manual.
    1 x Triangular Fixation
    1 x XLR to 3.5mm Cable
    1 x windshield

  • MAONO AU-WM820 Wireless Lavalier Mic

    • Excellent Audio Quality: with SADP adaptive noise reduction technology can automatically identify and offset the external environment noise. Built-in high capability omnidirectional microphone and 82db S/N Ratio, that offers reliable transmission and clear sound without distortion. Supports external microphone,3.5mm lavalier microphone is included in the package.
    • Stable Signal Transmission: a professional processor broadcasts on the open 2.4GHz frequency spectrum, which can be easily adjusted to fit in the field and avoid signal interference. Range up to 164ft(50m) in the open area. Perfect for YouTube video, vlog recording, interview, podcasting, presentation, churches, training, speeches
    • 2s Auto Pairing: The transmitter and receiver pairs are automatically paired after being turned on and have excellent transmission reliability. The receiver comes with a headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring by plugging in earphones/headsets and adjust the recording in real-time via the volume button to reduce efforts in post-production. One key mute control is conveniently available during recording!
    • Long Battery Life& Portability: built-in 350mAh rechargeable lithium battery, 2 hours fast charging, up to 6 hours battery life. The microphone can still be used while charging, which is ideal for continuous recording. Small size, only 0.92ounce, lightweight, and compact design makes the microphone easier to carry and convenient to clip. Perfect for filmmakers, vloggers, mobile journalists, and content creators
    • Universal Compatibility: Wireless microphone system comes with a receiver with 2pcs universal 3.5m’mmm Adapters, Compatible with iPhone, Android Smartphones, Camera, DSLR, Computer. For smartphones without a 3.5mm jack, you should use a genuine Lightning/TYPE-C adapter cable(NOT INCLUDED IN PACKAGE). Package list: 1x Transmitter, 1x Receiver, 2x USB charging cable, 1×3.5TRS cable, 1×3.5TRRS cable, 1x Lavalier mic, 2x Windproof foam, 1xBag
  • MIRFAK WE10 Wireless Microphone

    • ►More Than a Microphone, Mirfak Audio WE10 could automatically back up the audio while recording, it can be used as a recorder at the same time. Just insert the SD card into the slot, turn on the REC, and you are ready to start recording.
    • ►Small Body with a Multi-function Screen, The Mirfak Audio WE10 is an ultra-compact wireless microphone system perfect for content creation, filmmaking, on-camera or onstage presentation, vlogging, YouTubing, live streaming, and more. With the multi-function screen, visual power and audio dynamic monitoring can be viewed at any time.
    • ►Easy 2.4GHz Digital Wireless, Whereas typical analog wireless systems are susceptible to interference from TV and radio waves, the Mirfak Audio WE10 system avoids that by operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. The system automatically changes transmission frequency to mitigate noise and dropouts at a line-of-sight distance of up to 30m.
    • ►Built-in Mics with High-Fidelity Audio, The built-in omni-directional high-fidelity microphone is capable of correcting vocal curve. It can pick up 360° omni-directional, and the pickup effect is as clear as HD image quality.
    • ►Expand the Possibilities, The 3.5mm input jack for the external microphone allows you to flexibly use two input modes (internal and external) in different scenes, and the 3.5 mm headphone jack for real-time audio monitoring, ensuring clear recording and keeping the microphone working perfectly.
  • Saramonic SR-VM4 Condenser Microphone

    • Super cardioid polarity pattern
    • Integrated shock mounting system
    • Equipped with low cut filter (75 Hz)
    • Equipped with 3 voice level switches (-10dB,0dB,+20dB)
    • Includes windshield and 3.5mm output cable, powered by 2 AA batteries
  • Saramonic SR-NV5X Microphone

    • Professional shotgun microphone that delivers broadcast-quality sound, sleek metal construction that is lightweight yet durable
    • Short-length shotgun with integrated 14.75” (37.47cm) XLR cable that is ideal for mounting on a camera but also effective when used on boom poles or stands
    • Cardioid polar pattern doesn’t have a “rear lobe” which enables the NV5 to do an exceptional job of repressing sounds to the rear and sides, while clearly picking up sounds in front of it
    • Incredibly easy to use, no buttons or controls to operate and features low noise and high sensitivity
    • Includes NV5-WS furry windscreen for use outdoors in windy conditions, rubber shock mount spacer and foam windscreen
  • Saramonic SR-MV2000 Microphone

    • Versatile USB Studio Microphone that delivers dynamic, professional sound to Podcasts, Live Streams, Voice-Overs, Broadcasts and Virtual Meetings
    • Specially designed cardioid capsule sounds great, even in places with less than perfect acoustics and naturally rejects off-axis noise and reflections from the sides and rear of the mic
    • Perfect for Computers with USB or USB-C, or Android Mobile Devices, iPad Pro and Air with USB-C, use with Lightning to USB Adapter (sold separately) for iPhones and iPads with Lightning
    • Simple plug-and-play operation with input level control, a multi-color LED meter 3.5mm headphone output with both real-time software monitoring and zero-latency monitoring
    • Magnetic tabletop stand absorbs bumps and impacts that can ruin recording and can be removed to mount to broadcast boom arm or mic stands
    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021

    Saramonic SR-MV2000 Microphone

    Promo S.d 31 Okt 2021
  • Saramonic SR-M3 Mini Directional Condenser

    • Directional condenser microphone
    • An extra 3.5mm mic input
    • Headphone monitor jack
    • Integrated shoe-mount
    • Low cut filter (200 Hz)
  • Saramonic CamMic

    • Provides clear, broadcast-quality sound to DSLR, Mirrorless and Video Cameras or Smartphones and Tablets
    • Easy-to-use with plug&play operation and no batteries required for operation
    • Sleek camera-mountable design that is lightweight and compact, yet features an impressively solid construction
    • Double thickness windscreen and low-cut filter improves intelligibility of dialog
    • Includes two output cables: one for cameras, one for smartphones or tablets

    Saramonic CamMic

  • BOYA BY-PB25 Boom Pole

    • Three sections adjust the length of the boom between 100cm to 250cm.
    • Internal coiled XLR cable and connection at the base.
    • Features a bottom-mounted three-pin XLR connection.
    • The boom uses an industry-standard 1/4″ thread, also 3/8″ Adapter and 5/8″ Adapter.
    • Jam-resistant collar coupling, foam handle for comfort.
    • Package included 1 x BOYA adapter bag *
  • BOYA BY- BM6040 Cardioid Microphone

    •  BOYA BY-BM6040 short shotgun microphone offers a simple and affordable shotgun mic solution for videographers, indie filmmakers, and boom operators on a budget. Whether shooting indoors or outside, the BY-BM6040’s cardioid polar pattern is designed to maximize rejection behind the mic.
    • Voice-Tailored Tone:With a built-in 150 Hz high-pass filter and a 90 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, the microphone offers tonality that’s tailored for natural-sounding voice reproduction while reducing difficult bass issues such as rumble.
    • Cardioid Polar Pattern:The BY-BM6040’s cardioid polar pattern delivers responsiveness in front of the mic, maximum rejection at the rear, and moderate attenuation at the sides, making it well suited for recording indoors in rooms with low ceilings or capturing multiple subjects when shooting outdoors.
    • Phantom Powered:The balanced XLR 3-pin output and support for 12 to 48 VDC phantom powering make the BY-BM6040 a great match for professional camcorders, field recorders, and many handheld audio recorders. A short XLR cable is included for easy connectivity.
    • Strong Output Signal The mic boasts a high sensitivity of -30 dB, which allows it to produce strong output levels with less gain (and less noise) at your recording device.
  • Maono Condenser Mic AU-A03T XLR

    • large capsule with plated membrane
    • cardioid polar pattern
    • ultra-low noise circuit design
    • state of the art surface mount electronics
    • stable metal boom arm system with pop filter
    • compatible with Windows and Mac.
    • set-up is so easy just connect and go.

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