• Saramonic SR-BH60 Wireless Headphone

    • Adopt the most advanced Bluetooth 5. 0 technology. Saramonic SR-BH60 Support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP. Provides in-call stereo sound. Also own fast and stable transmission
    •  Specific touch control function makes it more convenient, tap once to play/pause music and answer calls, double tap to skip forward/backward, hold to adjust the volume. You can easily control it without operating the phone.
    •  pick up 2 headsets from charging box They will connect each other automatically, then only one step easily enter mobile phone Bluetooth setting to pair the earbuds.
    • Earbuds and charging case inner Nano-coating makes it possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. It is suitable for sports to prevent water. Ideal for sweating it out at the gym . Even Wash the earbuds and base.
    • Up to 7 Hours Playtime: With a single charge for wireless headphones, you can listen for 5-7 hours. While the charging case extends to 24 hours, wireless headset can be charged up to 2-3 times. When you are in a hurry,simply charges 10 minutes and gets up to 1 hour of playtime. Donerton wireless earphones the ideal for your long trips

    Saramonic SR-BH60 Wireless Headphone

  • Saramonic SR-BH600 Wireless Headphone

    • Active Noise Cancelling(ANC) provides freedom from noise
    • High-quality bass with 40mm drivers
    • Fast and stable wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 technology
    • Foldable design for easy storage and carrying
    • Air-conducting structure and protein leather earmuffs ensure comfort
    • Up to 16 hours of continuous playtime
    • Multi-device connection,wired& wireless,easily switching
    • Quickly activate voice assistant of device
  • Stand Background 190×300 cm

    • This bracket is useful for hanging backdrop or background fabrics.
    • Aluminum Tripod Bracket this stand uses aluminum material so it is not easily broken and remains light so it is not difficult to move around this bracket.
    • This Feet Bracket has a width of 300 cm and a height of 190 cm so you can put a very wide backdrop. Leg Support The supporting part of this bracket uses  legs so it is very stable and will not collapse even though the backdrop cloth is very heavy and wobbly
  • SYNCO MA38 Stand For Microphone

    • Cable built-in design gives you a more clean and tidy desk than others whose are exposed to the outside. Internal spring can support your boom arm in a hidden way and achieve effortless positioning, keeping the mic arm stand from wobbling. The internal design can enhance the suspension microphone stand’s overall appearance.
    • With 150° foldable arm and 360° swivel mount, the mic arm stand can be moved in full angle. With two 17.72in (450mm) scissor arms, the adjustable microphone arm stand allows you to adjust the suitable angle and height to show your perfect voice when the microphone load is between 0.88lb and 2.43lb (0.4kg-1.1kg).
    • Compact microphone arm stand is designed for heavy duty carry, the adjustable scissor arms are made of high quality iron and the base is made of aluminium alloy,durable and sturdy.The gross weight is 2.65lbs(1.2kg) with a max bearing weight of 2.43lbs(1.1kg), lightweight and portable,firmly attach the microphone anywhere.
    • The C-style clamp is designed for tightly grasping surface up to 2.36in (60mm) thick without punching your desk. Install and dismantle by spinning, a saving of time and labour.The metal tray is flat so that it can protect your desk from scratch when you loosen or tighten the knob.
    • The top of stand equips with universal 5/8″ threaded adapter, compatible with the Blue Yeti, Snowball mic and most standard-sized microphones. With the max diameter of 1.38in(35mm), the clip can hold your microphone tightly and prevent it from accidental dropping, noise generation and shaking.
  • FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 Multi-Format Video Mixer

    • FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 with 4 CH HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output, all of them support 1080p. For live streaming, there is a USB3.0 interface. And plus, the LAN port for controlling and upgrading; for audio, it has 2 interfaces, one for input, and the other one for output. All of these make it easy to create professional multi camera productions.
    • The 4 buttons are for selecting input signals, green flashing means the signal has been selected, then switch the T-Bar, the selected signal will be displayed on the screen seamlessly, the green button changed to red after switched. The SW button is for selecting different functions such as mixing, scaling, transition time setting and the other functions. The left knob is for voice volume controlling, the right knob is for menu setting as well.
    • The USB 3.0 output of LIVEPRO L1 connects to any computer and looks like a built in webcam, so all streaming software for social media platforms work! With up to 4 HDMI inputs you can set up multiple camera angles such as wide shots along with independent close ups of each person in the performance.
    • The LIVEPRO L1 not only lets you embed analog audio into an HDMI signal for recording or live streaming, but you can also extract the audio from an HDMI signal to send over to a larger dedicated audio mixer.
    • When the switcher is connected with an external expansion screen, it can preview real-time monitoring on 6 pictures, including PGM, PST and 4-channel HDMI input signals, and the audio column is displayed.Plus, you can set 9 layouts for PIP (Picture in Picture) mode. This is very useful for large-scale multi stand field production.
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    FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 Multi-Format Video Mixer

    Promo S.d 31 Mei 2021
  • TetherPlus HDMI to Micro HDMI 10 Meter

    – Serves to connect a computer, notebook or gadget to a TV screen or monitor that has HD facilities via an HDMI channel
    – Cable length: 10 meters
    – Made from quality materials
    – Durable and long lasting

  • TetherPlus HDMI to Micro HDMI 5 Meter

    – Serves to connect a computer, notebook or gadget to a TV screen or monitor that has HD facilities via an HDMI channel
    – Cable length: 5 meters
    – Made from quality materials
    – Durable and long lasting

  • TetherPlus HDMI to Micro HDMI 1.5 Meter

    – Serves to connect a computer, notebook or gadget to a TV screen or monitor that has HD facilities via an HDMI channel
    – Cable length: 1.5 meters
    – Made from quality materials
    – Durable and long lasting

  • Hollyland Mars X 1080p HD Wireless Transmission

    • Hollyland Mars X support both Android & IOS platforms with the App, that can turn on your mobile phones and pads into professional monitors, allowing easier multi-tasking and even improving your working efficiency in the indie filmmaking, live broadcasting, sports activities, education recording, wedding ceremonies, and corporate events.
    • The Mars X connects to your camera via a full HDMI port, accepts HDMI 1080p 60fps video input. Wireless transmission with the ultra-low power consumption support Mars X to transmit the image and voice up to 100m in open areas. Also, it features multi channel including the Anti-interference channel for stable transmission.
    • <0.07s delay low latency can ensure a good camera operation experience and real-time monitoring. hollyland mars X system supports bandwidth up to 40 MHz, and it’s able to livestream to 3 mobile devices at the same time.
    • With the OLED display screen, Mars X displays all device status, including battery status, frequency, video format, wifi password, etc. Also, it features a built-In 1300mA Lithium Battery to offer one hour runtime, and it support charged by power bank, stabilizer via the USB port.
    • The Mars X have a aluminum alloy compact size, 130g more lightweight that your smartohone, and the collapsible antennas design make it easy to carry out. And the extra HDMI cable (HDMI A-A\HDMI A-C\HDMI A-D) come with the package supports to connect with most cameras on the market.
    Promo S.d 31 Mei 2021

    Hollyland Mars X 1080p HD Wireless Transmission

    Promo S.d 31 Mei 2021
  • Hollyland Mars 400S Wireless Video Transmission

    • The transmitter supports both HDMI and SDI input, while the receiver supports both HDMI and SDI output. With these interfaces, Mars 400S could transmit up to 1080P 60Hz image resolution, loss-free digital audio and video signals to monitor, TV, computer etc. 400ft wireless transmission range, high anti-interference ability, and less than 0.1s latency.
    • Mars 400S has 3 scene modes: Image Mode, Speed Mode and Balance Mode. You can choose to prioritize image quality, low latency or the balance between the both when there is interference. Bring you a better monitoring experience.
    • Unlike Mars 300, Mars 400S has a creative OLED screen inbuilt, which displays all device status, including Signal Strength, Battery Status, Scene Mode, Video Format, Device Number, Device ID, Channel Number. Thus facilitate your video monitoring.
    • Automatically scan the current environment to identify channels with or without interference. It has total 8 channels and supports up to 5 systems working at the same time on one site. ♥♥ As a official Hollyland Distributor, we offer 24H friendly customer service for you.
    Promo S.d 31 Mei 2021

    Hollyland Mars 400S Wireless Video Transmission

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  • Ulanzi PT-12 Triple Cold Shoe Mount

    • Universal Cold Shoe Perfectly suitable for DSLR camera like Canon Sony Nikon Fujifilm etc.
    • 3 cold shoe mounts: Can be used as an dslr monitor extension for microphone led light etc.
    • 1/4 screw for extending magic arm, more compatiablity
    • Aluminum alloy material: Made of high-quality metal material, durable to use, lightweight, con’t add so much weigh
  • ULANZI ST-06 Cold Shoe Phone Holder 360 Degree

    • √ Mount any smartphone with or without a case to a Tripod, Video Slider, Ring Light, Stabilizer, Handle Grip
    • √ Let’s you rotate your phone into portrait mode (vertical) or landscape mode (horizontal) without having to take your phone out of the adapter
    • √ FITS ALL SMARTPHONES WITH OR WITHOUT A CASE and it works with large, bulky, heavy-duty, or life-proof cases
    • √ Multiple mounting locations let you position the adapter the way you need to on any tripod, monopod, selfie stick or other filming devices that have 1/4″ – 20 mounts
    • √ Helps you shoot a steady video for Facebook Live, Periscope, and other live streaming Vlogging platforms

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