• GVM 520 LED

    Bi-Color temperature dimmable from 3200K to 5600K, and the brightness from 0% to 100%. Equipped with high quality EVA protection case,convenient for outdoor and video shooting.

    • Ultra Heat Dissipation
    • Aviation Aluminum Alloy Housing
    • High Color Rendering Index
    • LCD digital display
    • PWM Dimming Technology
    • Adjustment Color
    • Temperature Adjustment
    • Dual Power System

    GVM 520 LED

  • Viltrox VL-S50T 276 LED Video Light

    • Multiple Settings-Menu button on the back to help you switch On/Off or wirelessly remote control LED light parameters. Stable Color Temperature-Close to daylight color temperature;range of variation is within 5600±300
    • HD Viewing Screen-HD LCD Display to offer you more convenient and accurate operation.
    • High quality lamp beads: Select pieces of high quality lamp beads which are environment-friendly,energy- saving and long-lasting
    • Wireless Remote Control-Support FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control system; enable wireless remote control to be set on single or multiple groups of LED light parameters.
    • Grouping&Channels-Channels( 1-19) and grouping(Group A-F, all groups) to better satisfy your needs of photography light filling.
  • Yongnuo YN1200L


    • YN1200 adopts ultrathin appearance design. Duple encoder, more convenient to adjust light intensity; soft light panel of this YN1200 adopts magnetic drawing, more efficient; dual LED display creen, more intuitional to check the output; one-button switch, meets different needs.
    • 3200K color temperature mode and 5500K color temperature mode adopts individual modular circuit separately. The light output is more stable and the efficiency is higher. 3300K~5500K can be lighted up at the same time, or separately cotrolled.
    • YN1200 adoptes 1200pcs of SMD LEDs; its RA average value is greater than 95, which makes it close to natural light. With ultra-large-area panel, the supplementary lighting effect is finer and the supplementary lighting area is greater. YN1200 can meets the higher demand from the users.
    • YN1200 is designed with panel of ultra-large area. With panel of concentratedly arranged LEDs, SMD LED of high-intensity and ultra-wide angle, YN1200 is more suitable for supplementary lighting in the big occasion.
    • YN1200 adopts double mains input , which supports batteries of NP-F series and external DC main of 19V and 5A.



    Yongnuo YN1200L

  • Yongnuo YN900L

    • YN900 is equipped with multi channel wireless remote controller which is used to adjust the luminous intensity and control the switch of YN900.
    • A mobile APP is provided on our official website, with this mobile APP, you can control this LED video light with your mobile phone.
    • YN900 adopts YONGNUO proprietary LED driving technology which does great help to effectively avoid corrugation and stroboscopic flash.
    • YN900 adopts encoder digital dimming system, including coarse tuning mode and fine tuning mode.
    • Shooting for long time is possible because YN900 supports external DC power input (power adapter is optional).

    Yongnuo YN900L

  • Yongnuo YN-622C II Wireless Flash Trigger

    • Compatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II
    • Support for 622 and 560-RX Communication
    • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • Range: 328′
    • TTL and Manual Flash Modes
    • Supports Group Ratio & Multi Flash
    • AF Assist Beam; USB Update Support
    • High Speed, 1st and 2nd Curtain Sync
    • PC Sync Port and Super Sync Function
    • Runs on 2 AA Batteries
  • Yongnuo YN560-TX Manual Flash Controller for Canon

    -Frekeuensi 2.4Ghz
    -Manual/ Multi Tw0 m0de
    -mencakup 6 Grup A/B/C/D/E/F
    -Z00m range: 24-105m
    -Shutter Interface: 2.5mm Jack
    -K0mpatibel dengan YN-560 III,YN-560 IV, RF-602, RF-603, RF-603 II, F-603 III
    -Pilihan 16 Channels
    -Layar LCD
    -Jangkauan 100meter
    -Battery AA (2pcs)
    -Waktu Standy 120jam

  • Yongnuo YN560-TX Manual Flash Controller for Nikon

    • Works with YN560 III and Later Flashes
    • Supports RF602, RF603, RF603 II, & RF605
    • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • Range: 328′
    • 16 Channels and 6 Groups
    • Remote Power and Zoom Control
    • Updated LCD Layout; Quick-Locking Foot
    • 2.5mm Sync Port
    • Runs on Two AA Batteries
  • Yongnuo RF-602/N Wireless Flash Trigger

    • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • Range: 328′
    • Channels: 16
    • Flash Sync Speed up to 1/250 sec
    • Dual-Function Shutter Release
    • Hot Shoe Mount
    • PC Sync Port
    • Shutter Release Cable Included
    • Receiver Runs on 2 x AAA Batteries
    • Transmitter Runs on CR2 Lithium Battery
    • for Select Nikon Cameras
  • Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II

    • Canon-Compatible 2.4GHz 15-Channel Radio
    • Compatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II
    • Guide Number: 197′ at ISO 100 and 200mm
    • Zoom Range: 20-200mm (14mm with Panel)
    • Tilts from -7 to +90°
    • Rotates Left & Right 180°
    • Wireless Master/Slave TTL Functionality
    • Recycle Time: Three Seconds (Alkaline)
    • High-Speed,1st & 2nd Curtain Sync
    • Runs on Four AA Batteries

    Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II

  • Yongnuo YN660

    • 2.4 GHz Wireless Radio System
    • Guide Number: 217′ at ISO 100 and 199mm
    • Zoom Range: 20-199mm (14mm with Panel)
    • Tilts from -7 to 90°
    • Rotates 270°
    • Wireless Master/Slave Functionality
    • Manual Power Control: 1/1 to 1/128
    • Recycle Time: 3 Seconds at Full Power
    • External Power Port & PC Sync Port
    • Runs on Four AA Batteries

    Yongnuo YN660

  • Yongnuo YN685

    • 2.4 GHz Radio Slave System
    • Support for YN-622C & RF-603/YN-560
    • Compatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II
    • Guide Number: 197′ at ISO 100 and 200mm
    • Zoom Range: 20-200mm
    • Tilts Upward 90°
    • Rotates Left & Right 180°
    • Recycle Time: 3 Seconds at Full Power
    • High-Speed, 1st & 2nd Curtain Sync
    • HV Power and PC Sync Ports

    Yongnuo YN685

  • Yongnuo YN968EX-RT

    • Canon-Compatible 2.4 GHz Radio System
    • Compatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II
    • Guide Number: 197′ at ISO 100 and 105mm
    • Zoom Range: 20-105mm (14mm with Panel)
    • LED Video Light with 300 lux Output
    • Tilts from -7 to +150°
    • Rotates Left & Right 180°
    • Optical TTL Slave Mode for Canon & Nikon
    • Slow, High-Speed, 1st & 2nd Curtain Sync
    • PC Sync & USB Port for Firmware Updates

    Yongnuo YN968EX-RT


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