• Godox SK300II Package Kit

    • Godox SK300II With Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X system,SKII series is a cost-effective compact flash strobe for e-commerce product shooting,portrait and lifestyle photography.In small and medium studio shooting,it can work as high light,background light or hair light
    • 150W modeling lamp adjusts in 5% to 100% power levels
    • Outstanding output stability, no more than 2% shifts when under the same output
    • Compact and lightweight body with Bowens mount to add almost any studio light shapers
    • Precise output displayed on LCD panel,40 steps from 1/16-1/1
    • Package List: 2*Godox SK-300II , 2* Bowen Softbox SB-BW 60×90, 2*Lightstand WT-806, 1* Trigger Godox DM-6, 1* Carrying Bag Godox Jumbo
  • Godox Mini Master K-150A Package Kit

    • This series of studio flash, modeling lights can be set to full brightness or proportional transferred to the appropriate power, as the flash goes off, with a large studio lights with modeling lights the same effect. With anti-pre-flash function using a pre-flash with the camera can be used to synchronize the light control film. The quality, reliable, durable, suitable for portrait, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography, shooting video, etc.
    • Features: Aluminum housing, durable Compact size, powerful Beep comes charging Was equipped with an anti-pre-flash LED display precise power stalls Multi-layer self-protection.
    • Package List: 2*Godox K150A, 2* Godox Mini Softbox SB-MS 50×70 , 2*Lightstand WT-803, 1* Trigger Godox RT-16, 1* Carrying Bag CB-05
  • Godox Mini Master K-180A Package Kit

    • Godox Mini Master K-180A Built as a slave light sensor, comes with 75W pilot lamp, full variable power adjustment 1/8.
    • Strong aluminium casing.
    • Compact & light weight.
    • With buzzing function.
    • 75W adjustable modelling lamp.
    • Package List: 2*Godox K150A, 2* Godox Mini Softbox SB-MS 50×70 , 2*Lightstand WT-803, 1* Trigger Godox RT-16, 1* Carrying Bag CB-05
  • GODOX 260T Light Stand

    • Number of Sections: 3
    • Maximum Working Height: 8.5′ / 2.6 m
    • Minimum Working Height: 3.3′ / 1 m
    • Collapsed Height: 3.3′ / 1 m
    • Leg Shape: Round
  • GODOX 60X90 Softbox SB-USW 60×90

    • Photo Studio Softbox : The light diffuser surface is 60×90 cm Bowens Mount, the size of the softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large product shots.
    • Soft light : Using professional light box reflect fabric, soft and full of light,a honeycomb grid is used on a softbox to control light spill and tighten the total coverage area.
    • Lightweight and Stable : Double metal frame, nylon material, aluminum shaft. The shield body is made of high-density nylon material, highly reflective
    • Perfect for studio and flash units : By diffusing the flash lighting,the softbox creates a perfect and even lighting that allows you to capture picture-perfect shots.
    • Easy to set up and take : Provide gentle, natural light for any kind of shooting, take your photos to the next level and make a more flattering look on video.
  • Godox Softbox SBUSW 80×120 cm

    – Softbox equipped with grids;
    – An internal & an external diffuser (both removable) for versatility in refining the hard/soft ratio of flash light;
    – Softbox is easily assembled using the softbox “skin”, 8 flex rods and a speed ring for the flash head;
    – With Standard size Bowens speed mounts, this hiqh quality softbox fits right in any studio;
    – The large size of the softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large sized product shots;
    – Aluminum Ring Adapter

  • NEXT G 200 Studio Lights Kit

    Package Include :
    2pcs Next G 200 220V
    1pcs Trigger AC-04
    2pcs Umbrella 33”
    2pcs Lightstand
    2pcs Softbox 40cmx60cm
    1pcs Bag Studio Lights

  • Takara Spirit Alfa C-Light stand

    Spesifikasi :

    – Max Height : 320cm

    – Folded Length : 150cm

    – Max Load : 10kg

    – Pipe Size : 35, 30, 25cm

    – Spring Cusion


    – Quick Release Turtle Base Design
    – Easy to setup and disassemble
    – Grip Head with Auto Lock
    – Spigot with 1/4” screw on two sides
    – Twist Lock on each section with Spring Cushion

  • Single Lamp Holder + Softbox 50×70

    • Single lamp holder with Softbox 50 x 70cm
    • Mudah dipasang
    • Dilengkapi dengan sarung untuk memudahkan dibawa dalam perjalanan
    • Bahan dalam warna silver untuk memaksimalkan pantulan cahaya
    • Dilengkapi outer diffuser cover
  • Godox CS-85D Lantern Softbox

    • Spherical design, 360° omnidirectional illumination, soft light at your fingertips, soft light ball adoptes film-grade soft light cloth, which makes the soft light range larger and the light soft and not dazzling.
    • The Lantern spreads the light from your LED or studio strobe in all directions with a 270° beam angle. Now you can fill an entire space with soft, even light with just a single light source.
    •  With 12 skeletons has high toughness and strong supporting force, and it is not easy to deform and rust damage after long-term use.
    •  Quick-setup quick-folding in few secondes, installation and contraction of softbox can be controlled through the shaft lock. Comes with a black carrying bag, makes your storage and transportation much easier.
    • With the ability to fit onto any Bowens mount flash or continuous light, such as Godox SL60W, SL150, UL150 and VL series LED lights, Rotating Speed Ring with thumb screw lock.
  • WEIFENG WT-8052P Light Stand

    • Folded for storage: 48.5 cm.
    • Max Length: 208 cm.
    • Minimum length: 48 cm.
    • Weight: 1325 g.
    • Endurable weight: 3 kg.

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