• Fotopro X-Go HR Chameleon

    • Compact and Portable: The tripod feet can 180 ° reverse floding and this makes its storage is around height 16.92 inches. The removable monopod is very convenient to use in the crowd. There is also a carrying bag and a shoulder strap for you.
    • More choice of height: 3 feet with 4 section makes you adjust the height quickly. The angle of the foot and the height of the central column are both adjustable. You can take pictures at variable height from 17 inches to 62 inches.
    • Universal and multifunctional: The 1/4 “screws and 3/8” screws are suitable for all pan-heads and your camera or DSLR Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, etc. If you have a phone adapter, it will also work with your smartphone.
    • This tripod adds a special function: 2-in-1 tripod, one of the leg can be changed into a lightweight monopod or alpenstock (Monopod pouch is included)
    • Angle adjustable: The rolute head with three level bubbles provides you a panoramic view. The fast loading plate helps you capture every wonderful moment.
  • Fotopro S3 Patriot Travel Tripod

    • Great for Point and Shoot Cameras
    • Equipped with Action Camera adapter
    • Equipped with Smartphone adapter
    • Great for Mirrorless Cameras
    • Max Weight: 5.5 Lbs. – Max Height: 50 in.
  • FotoPro Mogo UFO Series Basic Flexible Mini Tripod

    Max Loading 0.8kg
    Bluetooth Remote Yes
    360 Degree Rotating
    Promo S.d 31 Mei 2022

    FotoPro Mogo UFO Series Basic Flexible Mini Tripod

    Promo S.d 31 Mei 2022
  • Fotopro X-GO Gecko

    • Model: X-GO GECKO
    • Material: ALUMINUM
    • Section: 5-sec
    • Min Height: 10.03 inches
    • Max Height: 53.46 inches
    • Folded Collapsed: 12.79 inches
    • MAX Diameter: 0.86 inches
    • Weight: 0.99kg
    • Max Load: 10kg

    Fotopro X-GO Gecko

  • Fotopro X-GO Mini

    • Brand: Fotopro
    • Model: X-GO Mini
    • Bahan: carbon fiber
    • 180-Degree Reverse
    • Folding: Hanya 6,88 inci (17,5 cm)
    • Bobot: 1.47lbs (termasuk Bola Kepala)

    Fotopro X-GO Mini

  • Fotopro X-GO

    • Brand: Fotopro
    • Model: X-GO
    • Bahan: carbon
    • Bagian: 4 Bagian
    • Min Tinggi: 193mm
    • Tinggi Max: 1443mm
    • Berat: 0.997kg
    • Max. Beban: 8kg

    Fotopro X-GO

  • Fotopro S3 Black

    • Brand: Fotopro
    • Model: S3
    • Bahan: Aluminium
    • Bagian: 4
    • Dilipat: 470mm
    • Tinggi Max: 1440mm
    • Berat: 1.37kg
    • Max. Beban: 2.5kg

    Fotopro S3 Black


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